Business Strategy

To secure one time business is easy but to establish and maintain business relationship requires credibility of our products and provision of efficient and timely after sales services. To enhance effectiveness and minimize operational problems, we follow four pronged approach i.e.:

1.  Creating and Justifying the Need on Technical Basis

We (Our Principals and Intergain) educate clients regarding their plant operations and how technology (focused on Our Principal’s products) can help in achieving trouble free plant operations and longer up time and shorter turnaround maintenance and replacements.

2.  Building Competitive Edge for Principal’s Products

In most cases high quality is proportionate to high price.  In an environment where only the bottom line is considered (a normal practice in Pakistani circumstances), we work hard with Clients and educate them regarding technological edge of products offered against the price differential and how these products contribute to the efficiency and cost effectiveness in the long run.

3.  Extra Efforts for and during Tendering / Bidding stage

We keep close follow up of not only the current but also future requirements and as such, provide advance information to Our Principals regarding upcoming business opportunities.  Besides providing extra lead-time advantage, its main objective is to have Principals assess the advance information and prepare a better to gain advantage over our competitors.

As a prudent representative, we keep our Principals posted on all the developments i.e. bid submission, opening, technical and financial evaluation and award of contract. We also follow up with our Principals during the execution of the contracts.

4.  Feedback /Analysis if unsuccessful

Incase we lose to our competitors we manage to get relevant critical information on competitor’s bid(s) which greatly helps us and our Principals to analyze the causes and if need be, modify future strategy.

In today’s diversified and highly competitive world, PR plays an important role in business initiatives, therefore, along with routine operations the company pursues a strategy of establishing and maintaining special relations with the professionals and decision makers of the potential organizations in the field. This, definitely, has given us an edge over many of our competitors.